Student Fees and Levies

Fee Structure

In accordance with the Governing Council's updated Policy of Recognition of Student Groups (June 25, 2020) and the Policy for Compulsory Non-Academic Incidental Fees (Sept. 23, 2003), the University College Literary and Athletic Society levies specific fees from registered full and part-time students of University College. These fees contribute to specific areas of the Society's work, and often include special consideratons on use defined in the Council Policy. The fees which the Society collects are:

Many of our fees are pegged to the Ontario Consumer Price Index (CPI), and following referenda, change to reflect fluctuations in the Province's economy. Our most recent fee change included an increase to our Society Fee, which successfully passed referendum in April 2020. The most up-to-date cost breakdowns by fee can be found on your ACORN invoice.

Use, Refunds and Referenda

Fees are held by the University administration and disbursed at multiple points throughout the year to the Society, however its use is strictly mandated by our Governing Documents, which follows a rigid schedule. There are three budget periods where Council members will submit budget request forms in accordance with the Society's Policies on Finance (CP§12-13), beginning in January and running to April (Winter Budget), and from April to October (Summer Budget), and from September to January (Fall Budget).

Every fee listed above is compulsory for students of University College except for the Association of College Program Unions Fees, as per a student referendum. Any UC student may choose to submit a reimbursement request for this fee, which will be processed and disbursed in due time. If you would like to do so, please fill out form R-1 and send it to the Finance Commission.

Students, regardless of whether they refund their ACPU fee, will be considered Members of the Society.

Any further questions?
Send the Finance Commission a note!