UofT's Intramural Program provides an opportunity for students to play on their college's sports teams, fostering friendly competition between students across campus. Competing in intramurals is one of the easiest ways to get involved in the UC community. If you would like to join a UC intramural team or compete in one of the singles sports, please fill out the form below.

Registration for Winter 2024 UC Intramurals is now open!

Registration for Winter 2024 Intramurals CLOSE ON THURSDAY, DECEMBER 28TH AT 11:59 PM. After this date, you must email to check availability.

Captain applications will also CLOSE ON DECEMBER 28TH AT 11:59PM for all sports.

There is NO classified Men's Division. Instead, the division has been replaced by the OPEN DIVISION. While the majority of these players in the Open Division are expected to be male-identifying, it allows for non-male identifying players to join the team without needing to apply for an exception. The Open Division is NOT the Coed Division which has required amounts for players of specific genders.

After you are registered for a specific team, your captain will provide you with your team's specific game schedule. If you have a time conflict with your game schedule, UC Athletics will try to move you to a team that works for you AFTER schedules are finalized.

Some more details regarding the divisions (Cr: UofT KPE):

Where multiple divisions are offered, Division 1 is the highest level of play available. These participants must be prepared for a higher quality of competition.

Division 2 is a lower level of play, but, like Division 1, is specifically dedicated to teams from recognized units. As each sport is offered at multiple times, teams must be flexible in their availability to compete.

Lower divisions provide opportunities for participants with some or no experience in the game, as well as teams who do not have an affiliation with a recognized unit.

Players are more than welcome to sign up for multiple UC intramural teams or sports, however, separate forms are required for each sport.

Players who attend all games of a team will receive a perfect attendance medal. Captains will receive CCR recognition.

If you register for a UC intramural team or sport, please note that you take on the responsibility to avoid defaulting games as much as possible. A team/athlete “defaults” if one of the following happens:

-No one from UC shows up to compete

-Not enough players from the UC team show up to compete

-Too many players at once of one specific gender for coed (for example, four female players on the court during a coed volleyball game when there is a maximum of three per gender)

For inquiries about intramurals, contact CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP