Conditions for JCR Rental

All applications and questions regarding applications must be made through the Deputy Vice-President, Internal (


The JCR may, upon approval, be reserved by any University College club or student group or by any club or student group recognized by UTSU and/or UofT Student Life, or by any University College student for student events approved by the Vice President. Groups outside of the University of Toronto and not recognized in one of the above ways may not reserve or use the JCR.

For all events taking place during regular hours of operations, Monday to Thursday 9am – 9pm and Friday 9am – 6pm, furniture cannot be moved, the exclusive use of the space cannot be authorized, and the disruption of the Diabolos’ operations or other students in the space cannot occur. For all events occurring outside the regular hours of operations, the following stipulations apply:


Any event which must be held outside of regular business hours (9am-9pm Monday to Thursday, 9am-6pm Friday) requires the supervision of a member of the UC Lit as designated by the Vice-President, at an hourly rate of $20.00. All rental costs must be submitted prior to the beginning of the event. Any overtime costs must be approved by the supervising member of the Lit and are due at the end of the event.


Group(s) reserving and/or using the JCR assume all occupiers’ liability for the course of their event. Any lost, stolen, or damaged items from or in the room are the sole responsibility of the group reserving and/or using the JCR.


It is the responsibility of the group(s) reserving and/or using the JCR to remove all posters, directional signs, and decorations at the conclusion of their event. Groups which do not fulfill this responsibility will be billed for their removal. At no time may any posters, signs, or decorations be affixed to any wall, door, or couch in the JCR without the specific approval of the Vice President. Our building is a historical one, dating back into the 1800s, and damage is costly and often permanent. Therefore, no nails, tacks, strong adhesives, etc may be used in affixing posters, signs, or decorations. Any costs incurred as a result of posters, signs, or decorations will be billed to the group(s) reserving/using the JCR.


For private events, depending on the use of the space, the following deposits apply:

Events which require no moving of furniture or usage of the sound equipment/projector, a $250 damage deposit must be submitted.

Events which will require moving furniture will be asked to submit a $500 damage deposit.

An event which requires the use of the sound equipment/projector will be required to submit at $500 deposit.

Events which require both the use of sound equipment and moving furniture must provide a $750 damage deposit.

Each deposit much be submitted to the Vice President or Deputy Vice President at least one week prior to the reservation/usage date. Failure to leave a deposit may cause an application to be rejected. The damage deposits should submitted in the form of a cheque, and will not be cashed, but held until the end of the event and returned to the renter.

All cheques should be made payable to “University College Literary and Athletic Society”.

UC Lit recognized groups and clubs needn’t submit a $500 deposit unless deemed necessary by the Vice President.


All alcohol service in the JCR is subject to regulation of the Campus Beverage Services division on Ancillary Services, and all orders must be placed through them. Events at which alcohol is to be served require the approval of the University of Toronto Beverage Manager, the Dean of Students or Principal of University College, and the Vice President. Any event at which alcohol is to be served must be supervised by the President, Vice President, Coordinator of Student Life, or their designate from the UC Lit Executive, at a rate of $20 per hour.


Sound equipment (speakers, microphones, sound board, etc) and projector equipment (projector and screen) may be rented out to be used during your event, but must be monitored by a UC Lit member trained with the equipment. A rate of $23 per hour will be charged for sound set-up and supervision.

Any requests for sound equipment MUST be made no later than 2 weeks before an event date! If desire for sound equipment is not indicated upon event booking, please send a subsequent email to


Furniture may be moved around in order to facilitate your event. This is not allowed during normal business hours (9am – 9pm Monday – Thursday, 9am – 6pm Friday), as the space must remain open and functional for students to use as a study space and for Diabolos’ Coffee Bar. For events outside of normal business hours,

Groups who move tables will be required to pay a fee of $50.

Groups who will be moving couches must submit a fee of $25.

When furniture is being moved it must be lifted and not dragged. Couches may not be stacked or turned on their ends or backs. At no time is any furniture to be taken outside of the room. At the conclusion of your event, all furniture must be returned to its original position. If this is not done, your group will be billed to pay for movers to return the furniture to this position.


If any damage is caused to the room or its contents as a result of or during the set-up, running, or clean-up of your event, repair costs will be taken from the damage deposit, and additional charges will be billed to the group(s) reserving/using the JCR. The following provides approximate costs which will be required for damages. Please note, that these may change depending on the extent of the damages under the discretion of the Vice President.

Damages To:

Wall -- Minimum $100

Chairs -- Minimum $50/chair

Tables -- Minimum $100/table

Sound Equipment -- Minimum $50

Couches -- Minimum $100

Floor -- Minimum $50

Light Fixtures -- Minimum $50

Cleaning -- $50 - $150

Miscallenous -- Upon Assessment


Groups which reserve the JCR must have the event over, the JCR cleaned, and the furniture returned to its original position by 2:30am. The UC Lit member who is supervising will determine whether or not the JCR has been satisfactorily returned to its original state. Any group, who goes past this time, will pay the full additional hourly rate of UC Lit supervision.


There will be an additional $50 fee charged for each month a balance is owed to the UC Lit.