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Office Hours

In-Person Office Hours in the Junior Common Room are back! Come visit us in the Junior Common Room!

10am to 11am MayaMayaSabrinaYagmurYagmur
11am to 12pmCamilaUdayaJamesSelenDaicey
12pm to 1pmDanieleDiviKatieEvaRyan
1pm to 2pmBrendanYaminiPoorviHargunHasaan
2pm to 3pmElizabethYamiKristinaAryNeha
3pm to 4pmMayaKellyLuisaImanNeha

Council Meetings Times

November 18th1pm
January 20th1pm
February 17th1pm
March 16th1pm
April 6th1pm

All meetings will be in person.

In-person Meeting Location: Paul Cadario Conference Centre

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