About Us

The UC Lit, also known as the University College Literary and Athletic Society, is the student council of University College. It is the oldest democratically elected student government in Canada -- it was even created before confederation!
The UC Lit aims to enrich the student experience of University College both academically and extracurricularly by hosting a wide range of events, from pancake brunches, career and academic support, coffeehouses, big formals like Fireball, to providing students with a central hub for initiatives within equity, sustainability, and mental wellness. Above all else, the UC Lit endeavours to make UC a home for students, both on residence and commuting.
For the snacks! Jokes aside, being on council is a great way to be involved in something bigger than yourself. It’s an opportunity to meet new people, help put on our awesome events during the year, and give back to the community. It’s definitely a commitment during the year, but also a really fun way to get involved. If you’ve done student council in high school or ever had an interest in it, it’s a way to experience student government in a university setting where councils matter a lot more.
It definitely depends on how comfortable you feel putting yourself out there. While campaigning takes effort and time, you get to talk to a lot of new people and get the experience of running in a university election. You can also be creative in your campaigning; while there’s the traditional postering and online messages, you can also record a video, sing a song, hold a Q&A, and so much more! The UC Lit aims to make elections as accessible and clear as possible for anyone thinking about running for council.

Nope! We have so many other incredible and rewarding ways to get involved without the commitment of being an elected student representative.

For example, in the spring you can apply to be a Commissioner’s Deputy (think of it like a second-in-command position) where you support the commissioner throughout the year. Moreover, you can also join the commissions themselves which are less intense and something that can work on your time if you’re unsure about how much time you can commit to extracurriculars. Some examples are the Literary and Creative Arts, Formals, and Off Campus Commissions.

Finally, you can also get involved with our clubs and ancillaries! Think of ancillaries as branches of the UC Lit; they provide a different kind of university experience that might appeal to you more. Examples are our theatre troupe, the UC Follies, our official literary journal, the UC Review, our avant-garde satirical newspaper, the Gargoyle, and our dragon boat team, the UC Water Dragons. You can also join intramurals at UC if you want to stay active during your studies.

There’s something for everyone! For more information, please check out our Get Involved section!