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Photos by Rachel Evangeline Chiong, Brenda Gomes, Albert Hoang & Aaron Ng

Paul Schweitzer
Toronto, ON – Archaeology, History


Office Hours: Wednesday 11-12

Danielle Stella
Bradford, ON – Human Geography, Political Science

Vice President

Office Hours: Monday 10-11 & 2-3

Noah Petrie
Simcoe, ON – Employment Relations, Urban Studies

Finance Commissioner

Office Hours: Mans is on PEY he doesn't have time for office hours :(

Aleksandra Aleksandrova
Nobleton, ON – Health & Disease, Biology

Athletics Commissioner

Office Hours: TBD

Alisa Christian
Vancouver, BC – Diaspora & Transnational Studies, European Union Studies, Sociology

Equity & Outreach Commissioner

Office Hours: Tuesday 1-2

Kaitlyn Ferreira
Mississauga, ON – Cell & Molecular Biology, Health & Disease

Literary & Creative Arts (LCA) Commissioner

Office Hours: Thursday 12-1

Kiana Habibagahi
Hamilton, ON – Neuroscience, Cognitive Science

Mental Wellness Commissioner

Office Hours: Tuesday 11-12

Felipe Santos
Ottawa, ON – Computer Science, Math

Off-Campus (UCOC) Commissioner

Office Hours: TBD

Parnian Tajbakhsh
Richmond Hill, ON – Neuroscience, Cell & Molecular Biology

Services Commissioner

Office Hours: Friday 2-3

Olivia Jordan
Grimsby, ON – Philosophy, Political Science

Social Commissioner

Office Hours: Wednesday 1-2

Aidan Swirsky
Maple, ON – Canadian Studies, Human Geography

Spirit & Communications (SCC) Commissioner [Blog] [Design] [Social Media] [Sponsorship]

Office Hours: Wednesday 12-1

Kirsten Stevens
Vancouver, BC – Evolutionary & Social Cultural Anthropology, English

Sustainability Commissioner

Office Hours: Thursday 3-4

Miranda Desbiens
North Bay, ON – Cinema Studies, Drama, Sexual Diversity Studies

University & Academic Affairs (UAA) Commissioner

Office Hours: Wednesday 10-11

Danyal Damroodi
Richmond Hill, ON

Upper Year Representative

Office Hours: Friday 3-4

Aster Gerard
Toronto, ON – Social Cultural Anthropology, Urban Studies, Human Geography

Upper Year Representative

Office Hours: Monday 11-12

Albert Hoang
Woodbridge, ON – Cinema Studies, History, Political Science

Upper Year Representative

Office Hours: Thursday 11-12

Maureen Huang
Taipei, Taiwan – Psychology, Education & Society

Mid Year Representative

Office Hours: Tuesday 12-1

Thomas Pender
Corner Brook, NL – Biochemistry

Mid Year Representative

Office Hours: Tuesday 2-3

Hiba Taha
Hamilton, ON – Human Biology, Immunology, Physiology

Mid Year Representative

Office Hours: Friday 11-12

Nicole Toyama
Etobicoke, ON – Political Science, Human Geography

Mid Year Representative

Office Hours: Thursday 10-11

Vaish Vijayan
Mumbai, India – Peace, Conflict & Justice Studies, Criminology

Mid Year Representative

Office Hours: Tuesday 3-4

Sabrina Weinstein
Toronto, ON – Philosophy, Drama, Sexual Diversity Studies

Mid Year Representative

Office Hours: Monday 12-1

Joshua Bienstock
North York, ON – Social Sciences

First Year Representative

Office Hours: Thursday 1-2

Christina Mandia
Mississauga, ON – Humanities

First Year Representative

Office Hours: Monday 3-4

Ruth Masuka
Hamilton, ON – Social Sciences

First Year Representative

Office Hours: Thursday 2-3

Tyler Riches
Stoney Creek, ON – Social Sciences

First Year Representative / UTSU Representative /

Office Hours: Friday 12-2

Liah Yared
Scarborough, ON – Social Sciences

First Year Representative

Office Hours: Wednesday 2-3

Lina Maragha

Pickering, ON

UTSU Representative /

Office Hours: Tuesday 10-11

Daman Singh

Thornhill, ON – Philosophy, Political Science


Heather Ngo

Calgary, AB – Rotman Commerce


Deputy Commissioners (pics and bios coming soon)

President Deputies: Sara Mandia, Soli Yared

Vice President Deputy, Internal: Justin To

Vice President Deputy, Clubs: Danyal Damroodi

Finance Deputies: Abhinit Malhotra, Stephen Zhang

Athletics Deputies: Kennedy Boyle, Maša Stojanović

Equity & Outreach Deputies: Lama Ahmed, Amanjot (AJ) Ubhi

Literary & Creative Arts (LCA) Deputy: Vaish Vijayan

Mental Wellness Deputies: Melanie Mascarenhas, Jenn Rintjema

Off-Campus (UCOC) Deputy: Noah Kadish

Services Deputy: Maria Taifour

Social Deputy: Mia Đurković

Spirit & Communications (SCC) Deputies [Blog] [Design] [Social Media] [Sponsorship]: Paige Chu, Kristen De Los Reyes

Sustainability Deputy: Tuhi Sen

University & Academic Affairs (UAA) Deputy: Sara Koruthu

Ancillaries & Staff (pics and bios coming soon)

Diabolos' Coffee Bar Managers: Ronak Jain, Emily Sparks

UC Gargoyle Editors-In-Chief: Avneet Sharma, Anli Tsang

UC Review Editor-In-Chief: Adina Samuels

UC Follies Executive Producer: Leslie Durward

WUSC at University College Co-Chairs: Arif Hussain, Abdirahman Hussein

Photographer: Brenda Gomes

Backup Photographer: Pratik Bassi

Webmaster: Edgar Sarkisian

Elections Coordinator: Vida Maksimoska

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